Health Tips


Benefits of Chia Seeds

Mrs.Dash Seasoning 

Nutritional Yeast   

Quinoa-One of the Healthiest Foods in the World!  

Steps to Making Your Own Personal Green Monster  

Top 5 Store-Bought Veggie Burgers

6 Healthy On-The-Go Snacks


Easy Ways to Cut Calories from Breakfast-Happy Hour  

How to Host a Healthy Dinner Party

How to Shop Organic  

5 Easy Tips to Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ 

5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Diet on Vacation 

5 Tips for Smart Shopping

6 Simple Things to Enjoy

6 Smart Tips when Eating Out 

Weekend Health Tips

12 responses to “Health Tips

  1. im sooo excited for the blogs!!! 🙂 :)!! this totally was the best idea ever! and everything seems duable!! love it!

  2. Hey Jane, I just got to your blog through Chriselles facebook 🙂
    I love to figure and try out new healthy(!) recipes just like you so I feel veery connected with you haha 😀 I’m definitly going to be following your blog, I already fell in love with your overnight-oaths!! Kisses from Switzerland!

  3. I absolutely lalalaLOVE your blog! I’m a big foodie and I’ve been feeling extremely unhealthy lately with some of the things I’ve been eating, I’m so glad you’ve started a blog like this with such great recipes! I’ve been following since your very first post and have been checking everyday for new updates! Hope you keep up the daily posts! Everything seems delicious and I feel like jumping up and running to the supermarket every time I read a post!

  4. I love your blog! I want to work out in the morning but I never know if I should eat before or after working out??? Sometimes I get so hungry that I eat first then work out but then my stomach gets mad during my work out. Please help! Thank you!

  5. You’re the best! I’ve recently started becoming a health nut…addicted to teas, oats, almonds and your blog!
    Living in SoCal as well, there are tons of fast food restaurants down here which don’t really tickle my fancy when I’m trying to live wholly and healthily. With that said, I think it’d be awesome if you could suggest/rave/review a couple of your favorite quick-stop eateries, cafes and restaurants!
    Keep it up Jane! ^_^ xx

    • Thanks Christina! I will indeed start giving more healthy Los Angeles restaurant reviews! Although LA is filled with junk/fast food joints (just like any other major city), it also has SO many delicious, healthy dining options

  6. Your reciepes and blog are amazing!! I am so glad I found this website. The only thing I ask is that most of your reciepes do not have any nutritonal facts or serving sizes. How can I gage?

  7. This is one of the most useful blogs ive ever everrr come across! thank you pretty girl and keep it up your wonderful work!

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