Feel free to send me questions you’d like me to address regarding myself, my blog, my fitness routines, etc. I will constantly be updating this page!

About Me Questions  

Q. How old are you?

A. I’m 22 and enjoying every moment of it!

Q. What nationality are you and do you speak a second language? 

A. I am Korean American. I lived in Seoul, Korea for four years (K-3rd), but because I attended a foreign/American school, I am conversational but not fluent. 

Q. What is your job?

A. I am currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. I just finished my A.A degree in product development and currently working to get my B.S in business management.

Q. What do you eventually want to do with your fashion degree?

A. I want to get into women’s activewear! 

Fitness/Exercise Questions 

Q. What time do you typically go to sleep/wake up?

A. During the week, I’m typically in bed by 11-11:30 pm and wake up every morning by 4:50 am.

Q. Why do you wake up so early? Are you naturally a morning person? 

A. I get up early because I like to get my workout in before I start my day (I find that I have more energy when I do so). Although I’ve always been a morning person, it took me about 2-3 months to get used to waking up this early. Anyone can become a morning person if they have enough dedication and discipline. 

Q. Do you ever take a day off from exercise? 

A. Absolutely. Without proper rest, we’re going to do more damage than good and we’re more prone to injury. Listen to your body, it knows best!

Q. Do you exercise at the gym or outdoors? 

A. Both. During the week (Monday-Friday), I usually hit the gym, starting off my days with some weights and spin class. On the weekends when I have more free time, I like to take it outdoors with runs on the beach, occasional trips to the rock wall, swimming laps, etc. 

Cooking/Diet Questions 

Q. Are you a vegetarian/vegan? 

A. I like to say that I am part-time vegetarian/vegan. I do not  eat red meat or poultry because I strongly oppose U.S. slaughter practices and policies, but I do eat seafood on occasion. At home, I cook/bake vegan mainly for the reason that I find vegan cooking/baking to be fun, challenging, and experimental.

Q. What advice would you give to  someone trying to adopt more of a vegetarian/vegan diet? 

A. Just like with any change in your life, changing your diet is a process and will most definitely not happen overnight. My advice is to think about adding new foods and recipes to your diet rather than subtracting certain foods. Have fun with it and treat it as an experiment rather than a lifetime commitment. Take it one meal at a time and  don’t think, “I can never eat filet mignon ever again” but rather, make the decision at each meal.

Q. Did you always have a passion for cooking/baking? 

A. Surprisingly, I did not start cooking/baking until about two years ago when I stopped eating meat. I used to have very poor eating habits and once I decided it was time to make a positive change, I started to experiment in the kitchen and realized that I really loved it.

Q. What are some items that are always in your fridge/freezer/pantry?  

A. You can find some of my food staples on this page.

37 responses to “FAQs

    • I suck at cooking too before I saw eyeittryit recipes. But the recipes are simple&easy to follow, as long as you shop for the right ingredients, you will surprise urself that actually,”anyone can cook”! 😀

  1. Ever since you posted pictures of your yummy dishes on twitter, I’ve been waiting for your blog. I’m trying to eat more healthy because I’ve developed horrible eating habits since moving out on my own and eating junk food was just accessible. I don’t do well in the kitchen and I was wondering if you could have a blog post of what good kitchen ware to purchase for amateurs like myself.

  2. Hey Jane. I just started to work out, and I am starting to really eat more healthier. I am a big fan of smoothie and shakes. But I really dont like raw veggies like V8. do you have any fruit smoothies that are both filling and healthy?

    • Cyndi,absolutely. I too am a big fan of smoothies, and I have a few recipes that I think you will really enjoy, I will be posting them shortly!

  3. How often do u work out and what exercises do you prefer? Also..Can you please post more easy, quick recipes for breakfast? Thanks!

    • VIcki, I try to workout 6-days a week.With my busy schedule, i usually hit the gym early mornings monday-fridays and on the weekends I do “fun workouts” such as runs on the beach, local hikes, biking, indoor rock climbing, etc. I will def. be posting more of my workouts soon =)

  4. I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re amazing! Thanks!

  5. I know that you can still eat healthy and make it affordable, but considering the fact that I’m a college student, I’m not home all the time. My question is, do you make different recipes and eat different kinds of meals everyday? How often do you go grocery shopping and what are the recommended essentials to get to prepare in most recipes? (that way, I wouldn’t have to make 5 trips to the store to buy different things)

    • Christy, I have been getting several requests to add posts about my weekly shopping list. I try to use very simple and minimal ingredients when cooking and I will be posting what my “staple ingredients” are that I always have in my pantry.

  6. Hi!! At first~ I love your blog! It helps a lot! 🙂
    I can see that you have a lot of recipes that has avocados, something that I LOVE! 😀
    So my question is how to pick a good avocado?

    Thank You Very Much~!! 🙂

  7. I just love your FAQ’S 🙂
    I a oficial sleepy person.. But I will try your metodo I think.. I just wanna do workout early too but I don’t know I can’t do it I wake up late and I fell silly and ‘what a pity’ xD!.. I will try it! We have the same thing with be a vegan I don’t eat red meat but I eat seafood a lot!.. I find your blog for your sister 🙂 she is amazinf with fashion!.. since I enter your blog I suscribed! and start to read and I love it 🙂 yo do a great job! I finally find a blog about food that I really like I will do some of the recipes and cook finally xD

    thanks so much

  8. Do you eat 6 meals a day? What would you recommend to eat morning, midmorning, lunch, afterlunch, dinner?

  9. Hi!!First of all, I want you to know I LOVE your blog.

    I just got back from a semester abroad, which was spent having a lot of fun, but also eating a little more than was probably good for me. Now that I’m back, I’ve been counting calories trying to get back on track. So I was wondering, do you count calories or have a general idea of how many are in each serving of what you cook?

    Keep up the good work!

  10. hi jane. i love the recipes that you post. i am trying to live a healthier lifestyle as well, mainly because i am diabetic. many of your recipes sound so delicious but require a lot of sugar, or syrup, which i cannot have too much of. can i request more “salty” recipes? thank you! you are so inspirational.

    • Yes, thanks for the tip, I always appreciate feedback! And a lot of people have been requesting for more savory dishes so I will be featuring more of them soon =)

  11. Your blog is amazing! I found it through the Tone It Up link on facebook and I loved the sound of your Chocolate Mousse Tart (because I am a dessert-a-holic), so I have to come and check out the rest of your recipes! I find it difficult to prepare healthy recipes that still satisfy my cravings, so I just resort to the unhealthy options out there. It is nice to find some easy and healthy recipes on this blog that I can try. Thanks so much!
    Also just wanted to say that you are very inspirational! I am roughly the same age as you and cannot find the time in a day to cook, go to school, work, workout and live life in the short span of the day, but when I hear a story like yours where you wake up early and workout and create healthy meals, while managing to be a student, I find it very inspirational! Good for you!!!

  12. I love your blog! I’m currently a student in Los Angeles, wanting to cook more healthfully, but am not sure the best places to buy some of the ingredients on your blog – things like alternative grains, spices, etc. Do you think you might one day make a shopping guide post for local readers? I’d love your tips on where to get all this stuff!

  13. Hi Jane! You’ve recently inspired me to start waking up early during the week to work out before I go to work for the day. I’m totally loving it. Its so nice to be able to start the day without having to worry about fitting in a 6-mile run or whatever to my schedule. I was wondering though.. how do you keep your energy up in the afternoon? I’ve found that with working out early, my energy peaks much earlier and I completely crash around 3pm (I’m 21 and going to bed at 10pm every night. Who am I?? haha). Do you have any tips for an afternoon pick me up?

    Thanks so much for the great blog posts! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hey Lauren, that’s so great to hear! 6-mile run everyday? Thats very impressive, keep up the good work! I too often get tired mid day (usually around 1-2 pm) and I have found that green tea and dates are the best pick-me-ups. The natural sugar found in dates and caffeine in green tea will def. give you the boost you need!

      • Thanks so much, Jane! I’ll definitely be stopping by the store for some dates today 🙂

      • What kind of dates should you buy? I went to Bulk Barn and there are many to choose from.

  14. Ok – I LOVE international food – discovered Korean Bibimbap a few years ago – and love it!!!! How can I make this healthier?
    Also made the Cookie Dough Bite’s – a friend and I made this around the same time – LOVE IT – but both of them wanted it a little moister – any ideas – I was thinking maybe a little unsweetened apple sauce? Let me know!!! Thanks!!

  15. I was wondering…. how do you stay fit with this yummy food full of carbohidrates and fats (i know they are good fats, but even though, they are fats, isn´t it?)) ((sorry for my english))

    • Laura, what many people don’t realize is that healthy carbs (complex carbs) are necessary after long periods of cardio in order to burn fat, recover, etc. However, to better answer your question, moderation is key!

  16. Wow.

    Why have I never come across your blog before?! It’s amazing! =D

    Definitely going to be spending a little bit of my free time here and there in bewteen studying to check out your site.

  17. Hi Jane!!! please to meet you! okay, i will start of by saying that you and i DEFINITELY need to become blogging buddies! =) I couldn’t be more excited that I stumbled upon your blog; the reason is because i TOTALLY have a very similar take on food, cooking, working out, etc. as you so. It was pretty eery for me actually looking through some of your blog posts because i cook such similar things (LOL i started making my own thin mint green smoothies earlier this yr too!) and even the way you phrase things are almost as if you took the words out of my mouth!

    I hope you don’t think that I’m some crazy stalker person right now, i promise im not! haha i’m actually a 20 yr old student at USC right now majoring in business and entrepreneurship, with a minor in nutrition and health promotion. That minor is definitely getting me in the fitness/healthy lifestyle kick, plus i’m going to be running the nike women’s half marathon in october (aiyyyaa except training’s been a lil lacking this summer, oops)

    I started a blog earlier this past school year but a little tech difficulties resulted in all my content being deleted. but i just yesterday started my new healthy food blog centered around tofu, http://www.evilscarytofu.wordpress.com and i would love it if we kept in touch via our blogs and, if we ever find the time between our class schedules to meet up for a nice run in downtown or something.

    so hope to talk to you soon and have a great rest of the week!!=)

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