Post Thanksgiving Cleanup

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and was able to share it with loving family, old friends and of course, great food!

Today, I came home and was skeptical about stepping on the scale but I knew that I needed that extra push for motivation. I was relieved to find out that I  came home 2 pounds heavier than when I left. Although mildly discouraged, I don’t regret partaking in the holiday food tradition. As I’ve emphasized several times on this blog, my goal with how I treat my body is to take care and respect myself, and with the holidays, a bit of indulgence can be healthy.

Below are 3 tips to get back on track after your indulgent holiday.

1) Ditch the guilt:  Despite your best intentions and ambitious goals, you didn’t  quite stick to your diet plan. Stop beating yourself up over it and ditch the guilt! Channel that negative energy into something positive-motivation to run that extra mile and that extra complete that extra set of pushups.

2) Get rid of the extra food: If you’re like my family, we usually have enough Thanksgiving dinner leftovers to feed an entire army. Don’t tempt yourself by keeping them stored in your fridge, but rather dump them or if you hate wasting, bring them to work/school/neighbors.

3) Review/ reset your goals: Sometimes overindulging during the holidays can be a positive wakeup call. Review your diet/workout goals and determine if they are too strict or too lax. Stepping on the scale and realizing that you put on a few pounds may be the extra motivation you need to refresh and reset!

Found this recipe on! Can’t wait to try it tonight =)



6 responses to “Post Thanksgiving Cleanup

  1. Two pounds is nothing :)! Actually, in my Nutrition courses I have learned that your body basically has a set weight it wants to be at. If you gain a few pounds over the holidays, your body will actually help you get back down to what you were before. That internal setting is part of the reason that people that lose a lot of weight at once tend to gain it back; their body is trying to build up what they had stored. When you lose a pound a week or less (slow and steady wins the race), you are slowly lowering your bodies plateau, thus tricking it. The weight will stay off as long as you keep up the healthy attitude.

    Sorry for the long post, we just discussed this idea and I thought it was very interesting.

  2. It’s good to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. It’s good to indulge a little too. I always think that even though I want to be healthy, I also still want to live life to its fullest! Also, I really liked tip 3, I never thought about using the holidays as a time of reflection on exercise or diet routines.

    @ Janiece – I did know about how the body has a natural set point in terms of weight. But I didn’t know that by losing weight more gradually change it. That is really interesting! I’ve always said losing weight and health have to be a lifestyle change 🙂

  3. you haven’t posted anything in ages, it’s been over a month!
    will you be back soon? i love your work!

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