Simply Salad

For lunch today, I was craving a big, huge salad and because I am running low of produce, I decided to run over to Simply Salad  , just one block down from school. With a large customizable menu with over 30 different dressings, 5 different lettuce types (baby spinach, mixed greens, arugula, iceberg, romaine), and over 70 basic and premium toppings, this place is a salad haven.

And if you are too hungry and low on brain power to make your own customized salad, you can choose one from the many signature salads/wraps. If any of  you are Los Angeles locals, I highly recommend this salad joint if you are looking for a quick and healthy lunch spot.

In my salad I choose mixed greens..
and for toppings: grilled corn, red onion, baby tomatoes, avocado, and herb peppered croutons…
With balsamic vinegar (not vinaigrette) on the side…
Shake, shake, shake..ready to eat!

4 responses to “Simply Salad

  1. Hi Jane, I’m really glad I stumbled upon your blog, your healthy eating tips and recipes are such an inspiration! I’ll definitely be checking back on the regular for new posts 😉

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