Fat Spoon

Right next to Daikokuya Ramen in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, there’s a gem of a restaurant. A casual curry and pasta kitchen, Fat Spoon can also fall under the category of “fusion” because of its Italian-Japanese style dishes. Overall rating…8/10. Here are some dinner photos from Sunday night….feast your eyes!
Seafood Salad [$9.00] Marinated Shrimp, Calamari, Scallop, and Clams served w/Assorted Greens & Curry Dressing. 
The various seafood items were lightly cooked and the piquant curry dressing tied all the flavors together perfectly. The fried lotus root (I almost mistook them for fried wonton) was delicious and they added a nice crunch to the salad. 
Uni & Mushroom Pasta [$10.00] Two of our favorite things. Their marriage? Perfection. The warmth of the pasta paired with the light, sweet, creaminess of the uni….brilliance

Tarako [$10.00] Salted Cod Roe, Cream, Dried Seaweed & Shiso Leaf
Tarako refers to a Japanese preparation of salted cod roe.  The pasta was perfectly al dente which paired perfectly with the richness of the tarako and cream. The perfect Italian/Japanese hybrid…
Sautéed Mixed Mushroom [$2.00]
Three different types of mushrooms-cremini, shiitake, and enoki-sautéed revealing their earthy, umami-rich flavors.

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