The Modern Day Career Woman

Good morning everyone! This morning I have a special post from a dear friend of mine all the way in New York. Meet Lucy from House of Peanut Butter. Lucy and I attended high school together in the bay area but the funny thing is that we did not know each other (we had a very large graduating class). We actually reconnected just a few months ago when she stumbled upon my blog and reached out to me because she too, shared the same interest in healthy eating and living. As a recent graduate from NYU, jumping right into her 9-5 (well more like 9-2am) finance job, attending networking cocktail mixers, and stillfinding the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this girl is living testament that one can maintain a healthy diet even when the day seems like its moving at a million miles per hour. Lucy states in her about me  section, “although living and working in NYC gets hectic at times, I’ve learned over the last four years that a strong sense of self and a willingness to treat one’s body well is crucial to keeping things in perspective! Feeling good in your own skin is not about being superficial, it’s about projecting confidence and being the best you can be.

Some things you’ll find on her blog:

  • Quick 5-minute healthy and delicious recipe ideas
  • Inspirational quotes and pictures
  • Tasty food adventures around NYC
  • Career and time management advice

Without further ado, here’s Lucy and to all your modern business women, LISTEN UP..she has some great advice!

Sometimes, I find myself wondering how really ridiculously good looking people manage to stay on top of their social lives in New York City. You know the type: impeccably dressed, physically fit, always willing to go out and have a good time. I mean, aside from the athletes, dancers, supermodels, and genetically gifted – capable of inhaling anything and magically metabolize the calories into oblivion – of the world, most of us “normal” people can’t escape a weekend of late night out with friends, let alone a casual after-work happy hour, without a little extra love forming around our midsections. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that we don’t see more mini Snookies in the clubs, trolling around in too-tight bandage dresses, double-fisting tequila shots while lusting over slices of Artichoke pizza.So how can we get by? How do we stay out late, entertain clients, party hard, drink at networking events, and still manage to look GOOD while doing it? It’s gonna take some extra effort on our part, but the career, personal, and social rewards will be more than worth it. Here are four secrets that can help you manage your social life (and your sanity) without setting back your progress:

1. Prioritize the people, not the food: If you’re at a restaurant, think about your conversation as the main course and your dinner as the garnish – an added perk. I know a lot of people who use social outings as an excuse to indulge, but people who indulge in their relationships more than their meal will walk away with greater connections and trimmer waistlines. Win-win! On the other hand, if you’re at a networking event, it’s probably best just to eat before. Finger food, a full mouth, wavering eye contact, or an unintended stain is not a good way to make an impression. So…avoid the free food at these things. It’s a TRAP
Photo By The New York Times
2. Save up your bites and drinks for the right moment: Don’t eat alone unless hunger makes it absolutely necessary. You can get infinitely more mileage in a bite taken with company you don’t want to offend, than one taken in solitude. Same goes for liquor. I rarely drink much during pregame parties, because I know I’ll sober up by the time we get to the club – so get more bang for the buck by building up your buzz later in the night, when you really need it.

3. Know your liquor portions: One regular serving of wine is 5 oz, about a little over 1/2 glass (130 kcal), light bottled beer is 12 oz (100 kcal), and hard liquor usually comes in 1.5 oz shots (100 kcal). I base the number of drinks I can have on my calorie balance, ideally around 1000-1100 before my night begins so that I can have 2-3 drinks without too much fuss. Stay away from mixed cocktails and liqueurs – they’ll run you up 500-800 calories a drink and brand you as a girly drinker, neither of which is ideal…vodka diet coke or vodka with a splash of soda and a lime are usually save <100 kcal choices.

4. Repeat, 3 AM is not your friend: The less you drink, the less you will eat late night, but that doesn’t stop the 3AM cravings. I’m sure there’s something biological about this, but every time it hits 3am and I’m still awake, I get extremely hungry (probably the time your body gets hungry you sleep, in preparation for breakfast). While fighting your body’s signals seems counterintuitive, this hunger is definitely not an excuse to eat a full meal. Instead, promise yourself an amazing brunch when you wake up the next morning – and don’t worry about overeating the next day. Don’t be surprised when you wake up the next morning and find yourself less ravenous than you thought you’d be.

Most importantly, make sure you have fun when you go out! Being too focused on what you’re eating or drinking is a turn-off to most people, so avoid landmines where you can in the smoothest, most inconspicuous way possible. At some point in the night, no one will notice your diet coke vodka is virgin (non-alcoholic) anyway. 🙂 Happy partying!


2 responses to “The Modern Day Career Woman

  1. I really like this post 😉 I always struggle with the fact that alcool has so many calories… So, actually I like to have shots or mix my own drinks with diet soda. In Switzerland they don’t serve “light drinks” yet;) At the moment I am with my family in Florida and I feel like it should be soo easy to stay slim here because absolutely EVERYTHING exists in light a well

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