New York Day 1

Day 1 in New York was fun-filed and, of course, good-food-filled. Because it was my first day, and I was running on only four hours of sleep, I  was exhausted after walking around the city for ~4 hours (man, New Yorkers sure do walk a lot)!

Food Stop #1: Chelsea Market:  A gigantic wholesale and retail food shopping center, which takes up nearly the entire block. The long brick “historic” building is not your average “food court,” but rather a indoor haven for food lovers! A culinary food mall and a gourmet lover’s paradise, this place has it all; food, flowers, kitchen supplies, clothes, etc.

Food Stop #2: Lunch @ Pastis

A French bistro located near Manhattan’s meatpacking district, Pastis makes you feel as if you are somewhere in the bowels of Paris, enjoying an afternoon meal. The food was awesome, the service was attentive without being intrusive, and the overall atmosphere was perfect. Highlighted dishes on the menu include the french onion soup, croque monsieur, ceaser salad, and the moules frites (all of which we did not get).

Lin and I shared the Sandwich Crudité which included cucumber, fennel, tomatoes and fresh goat cheese in a warm ciabatta bread. Phenomenal.

We also shared the roasted eggplant salad which included arugula, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. It was perfect.

Food Stop #3: Dinner @ Cocoron

“Cocoron,” meaning heartwarming, is dedicated to preparing health conscious and “heartwarming” Japanese home cooking, starting with staple soba.” Cocoron is a tiny (and I mean tiny) noodle bar that recently opened in the lower east side of Manhattan. The restaurant itself, sitting a maximum of ~14 people (sitting elbow to elbow), guests have a full view of an open kitchen with the chefs hard at work.  itself is another tiny noodle bar surrounding the open kitchen with one or two tables on the side.

I ordered the Yuba Soba which came with came with cold soba noodles, tofu skin,  and the “nabe” (the broth).

These handmade soba noodles (made from buckwheat) were the best noodles I’ve ever had. Nutty, with a perfect amount of chew to it.

The tofu skin is the most unique and delicious thing I’ve ever eaten that has been made with tofu. Soft, silky, and creamy…Mmmm..

Beautiful view from Lin’s balcony..and fireworks!?

Overall, it was a fantastic day and I’m very excited to know that I’ll be here for another six days! I will be back tomorrow with a easy, delicious recipe..and I’m off for some nyc nightlife!


3 responses to “New York Day 1

  1. Great pics! If I’m ever in NY, I’ll be sure to check out Chelsea Market. Sounds like those soba noodles and the tofu skin were amazing! Hopefully, a place in LA has them too!

  2. Today is my second day alone in NY.. 🙂 it gets kind of lonely although there’s so many people around me. At least they have a lot of sushi 😀

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