Let Them Eat Cake

Although most days I try to cook at home, I must say I do enjoy the occasional day/night off…

Bottega Louie is deceptively simple. The spatial atmosphere is created by the white marble floors, high ceilings,and minimal decor. Despite how huge the floor is, close the tables are to one another (making it hard to hear your own conversations at times), the intimacy of this restaurant is incomparable. Botegga is a restaurant, bar/cafe area, gourmet market, and patisserie, all in one and I must say that 80% of reason my sister and I love it so much is because all the beautiful, pastel macaroons!

I love restaurants with open kitchens where one can ooh and ahh as the chefs cook. Becoming more and more popular, many restaurants not only have an open kitchen, but they have an arrangement in which the kitchen demands your attention.

Look at those pastels! My favorite movie of all time is Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, complete visual thrill. The colour-scheme of Botegga’s patisserie is very late-18th century Rococo-inspired. I fell in love with this movie sophomore year at UC Davis, when my roommate and I would sit on our apartment floor, drink champagne with strawberries, and delight in all the pretty things. I can’t remember how many times we did this. 

Let them eat cake!…or eclairs

Marie Antoinette was often criticized for her indulgent expenditures, but if dessert looked this good back then…

I SWEAR we did eat real food, but unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery and died right after I took a bajillion pictures of the delectables.

Botegga Louie

700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Neighborhood: Downtown


One response to “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. That looks sooooo delicious!!!! ❤ I wish I could have all of those yummy pieces!!

    And I love Sofia Coppolas Marie Antoinette too… 😀

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